Letter from the Editor
Zane Chowdhry

prose & poetry

The Fairytale Circus
Clara Ma

The Weaver
Sasha Jovanovski

Pulteney Street
Danielle Devillier

Don’t Walk
Danielle Devillier

Class Notes, 1996
Jimmy McNamara

Ode to a Midterm Exam
John Scudero

Chasing Amber
R.S. Doad

The Sighs of Time
R.S. Doad

Matt Phillips

Bitten Rot
Panna Gattyan

Apple Picking in Autumn
Matt Philips

Father’s Day
Stephanie Humphries

The Next Sire
Henry Silver

Kings and Queens

Courtney Lee

Stephanie Humphries

On Losing Gracefully
Matt Phillips

Stephanie Humphries

First Kiss
Stephanie Humphries

Five Acts
Christopher Stein

Fiona Kennedy

We Were River Monsters
Christopher Stein

Paraklausithyron, or: love (?) through a locked door
Sasha Jovanovski

Palm Readings
Courtney Lee

Stupid Love
Haley Resnick

Christopher Stein

Like a Glass of Coffee
Camille Bustos Bismonte

Sania Ali

a sestina for the monolith that is our marriage
Max Zhang

None of it Belongs
Christopher Stein

The Bridge
Fiona Kennedy

Another Labor
Esther Kang

Clara Ma

Thunder Shake
Heerak Christian Kim

The Mountain
Christopher Cassidy

Hoarder, Interrupted
Jimmy McNamara

Día de Cristóbal Colón
Akanksha Sinha

Decaying Didem
Nell DiPasquantonio

visual art

Bushra Shaikh

Sajjad Alvee
Field/Haul/Today’s Catch

Theodore Atwood
Rathayatra, Photo Essay

Alexandra Bowman
The London Eye Part 1, 3 & 4

Camille Bustos Bismonte
berpetualang di surga yang tersembunyi di kota batu/god of all religions/hidup kita tidak sesederhana itu | our lives aren’t as simple as this
itu manis | it was sweet/kampung warna warni | the colorful town/Keajaibban Satu Malam di Masjid Tiban (Overnight Miracle of the Masjid Tiban)
ruang di antara jari kita | the spaces between our fingers/buram tak selalu tak bermakna | blurry things are not always clear/read at 23:59
the invitation/the rendezvous

Deborah Han
Animal Crackers/ 거북선 (Turtle Ship)/Taking on the Broccoli

Ingyeong Kang
Flower in the Night/Fly to the Dream/Love, Cloud
Meaning of Travel/Mirror of Mind/Pace
Peace of Mind

Zoya Mahmood
Berries/California Sky/Fall Leaves
Palm Tree/Palos Verdes/Peach
Pittsburgh Skyline/Pittsburgh Sunset/String Lights
The Promenade/Trees/Waves

John Picker
Autumn Reflections/Healy Fall

Norisha Quaicoe
Cambridge Market/Good Bye and Thank You/Light
Pixel Forest and Worry Will Vanish/Rainy Day in Cambridge/Rayograph
St. Mary’s Street

Sonia Vohra
Acid Lake/Afloat in a Bubblegum Sea/Angkor Sunrise
Cerulean Forest/Dystopian Forest/Everything the Light Touches
Golden Idol/Guna Yala/Marooned
Monkey See, Monkey Do/Showboat/Singapore Through the Looking Glass
Sulfer Reverie/Temple Run/The Swinging Tree
Too Little Too Late/Tropical Monet

Katie Wang
DC Underground/Light Work/The Shallows

Kirk Zieser
At Work/Bursting Color/Frozen Flame
Golden Hour/Harsh Survival/Lush Tranquility
Morning ‘Do/Mutual Curiosity/Nature’s Scream
Nurtured in Lava/Outstanding/Perched
Pop/Reaching/Shimmering Sunset
Something out of a Dr. Seuss Book/Spotted/Stiletto Silhouette
The Wait/Volcanic Bloom/Watch Your Head