Class Notes— 1996
Jimmy McNamara

  • Yvonne Sandell married Tucker Sellari at the Alumni Club in Boston, Massachusetts. We are happy to report that there were many married Hoya couples in attendance: Dennis and Kristen Thompson (’97), Brendan and Mary-Kate Reid, and Larry and Polly Herz. The happy couples danced the night away overlooking a particularly expensive view of the city. Jennifer Katz also attended, alone, and left the festivities early. 
  • After reading The Happiness Project, Judy Martin was inspired to write a letter to her freshman year roommate, Cara Stein, with whom she had lost touch over the past 20 years. The two met briefly for coffee in Pasadena, California. While they both made the decision not to continue their friendship further, the two women received the necessary closure for what was mutually described as a disappointing sophomore year roommate selection process. 
  • Marc Altman, the former Director of Hillary for President who generously found the time to be the face of our October 2016 issue, has announced he is now an entrepreneur and/or consultant. He writes that he is “extremely flexible to have lunch dates with anyone from the Class of 1996.” 
  • Cindy Susman is now engaged to Jason Wu, who recently sold his biometrics startup to Google in June of 2016 for 1.2 billion dollars. We all remember Cindy as the most bubbly of cheerleaders! Jason tutored Cindy throughout the four years at Georgetown, but their relationship was strictly platonic. Cindy reached out to Jason after reading about his entrepreneurial success on TechCrunch. Sparks flew at their first date, and Cindy says she just knew within minutes that Jason was the one! We are happy to report that this couple does not follow stereotypical gender roles – it was Cindy who proposed to Jason in August of 2016! Cindy has been an actress in Los Angeles for fifteen years, even landing a recurring role in the 2002 season of One Life to Live, but “plans to put my acting career on hold for now to be a stay at home Mom for our future kids.” 
  • Jonathan Tyler accepted a mid-level corporate associate position at Covington & Burling representing such clients as Uber and Amazon. His student debt load remains at $355,672.34 but he “hopes to conquer this financial challenge through Big Law in the next decade!” We all remember Jonathan on campus leading the fight for janitors to receive a pay raise, and we have no doubt he will conquer this new challenge!
  • Rita Campbell (’96, MED ’00) had a fundraiser at her estate in Ridgewood, New Jersey. For those counting, this is her fourth property in the past four years. Deborah Trekman, who rents a studio in Queens, attended without donating the recommended amount.  
  • Lydia Riley (’96, LAW ’99) has taken a leave of absence from practicing law at Skadden to take care of her one child. In just nine months, she has ascended the ranks from Room Parent to the Acting Vice President of the Greenwich PTA, is now on a first-name basis with the Superintendent, and her child has been appropriately transferred to the accelerated learning program.
  • Theodore and Cathy Lieberman just bought a vacation home in West Tisbury. Cathy writes, “We want visitors! Seriously, there are nine bedrooms upstairs so we have the room!” Count this Happy Hoya in! But remember to pack warm clothes. Cathy warns, “It may be the summer, but it gets super cold at night because we are right on the ocean. Brr!” 

Fellow Hoyas, PLEASE send me your updates at Your exciting life updates help me cope with my chronic Seasonal Affective Disorder and overall feelings of loneliness at night.  Until next issue, Hoya Saxa!