Submit to The Anthem!

If you are a Georgetown student, alum, staff-member or faculty-member interested in art, writing, or photography, we highly encourage you to submit. The Anthem is a great place to get your work published, whether it’s for the first time or hundredth time. The Anthem is open to accepting all kinds of creative visual and written art, so do not hesitate to submit any avant-garde pieces!

Our staff will send you detailed feedback and work with you to produce the best piece possible while remaining true to your original vision.

All submissions will receive feedback from our editorial staff and can either be accepted without revisions, asked to be revised, or asked to be held onto. Simply because a piece is not accepted to The Anthem does not mean it was poorly written or disliked by our staff. The Anthem is constantly trying to expand the types of works published; yet, some works may not be compatible with The Anthem‘s vision of our next magazine.

You can submit your work to any time. We are now accepting submissions for our spring 2023 issue (deadline March 21)

Please review the following submission guidelines before sending your work for review. If you do not follow these guidelines, your work will still be reviewed; however, failing to follow guidelines may result in a delayed response from our staff.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be submitted to before the spring 2023 deadline. The subject line should read “Submission spring 2023” for general submissions and “Contest Submission” for contest submissions.

Written submissions should be sent in a Word document without your name attached to it in any way. We review submissions anonymously in order to maintain the integrity of our board through the publication process and Word Documents are easiest for us to share with our staff members while maintaining anonymity. 

All musical submissions should be sent in .mp3 or .wav form with any accompanying art or lyrics in the same email.

Each submission should be in a separate file. The file name should be the title of your submission. If your title is too long to be accepted as a file name, reduce the file name to the first 5 words of your title. All photos and art pieces must be titled as well, either as a group or individual works. If you do not have a title for your submission, please name your file “untitled submission.”

If you are submitting multiple files at once, please place your files into a zip folder. You can submit up to 8 poems at a time, and up to 4 prose pieces not longer than 6 pages double spaced. However, we can only accept 4 written pieces from a single author at a time to be published per edition.

Art submissions are uncapped.

Do not hesitate to submit, despite the lengthy preferred guidelines. If you still have lingering questions about submissions, please email our Editor-in-Chief at