The Sighs of Time
R.S. Doad

Two caravans set out

Across the leagues of desert dunes

One to the East, One to the West

In an age greatly before this

And thus shadow pervaded day

So as to make night’s soothing embrace

A strangling throttle

Of breaths forever lost

Forgotten was the friendship

Scattered laid the chains of former alliance

Bobbing windswept they ambled

Through fate’s pooled mirage

Try as they might, damned were the memories

To awash resolute and unyielding 

With the amber anguish of separation

Forgotten had they

That those adjoined by His scythe

Risk the wrath of time’s sighs

In an innocent stupor

Had the moon proclaimed its pride

And thus shackling the sun’s selflessness

Mistaken were they both

To part over such a trifle

As ignorant is the observer who did view,

The moon’s beauty in absence of the sun’s blaze

With the scorching heat fashioning a crossroads

They did pause, to turn about, and clasp hands

Turning the sandy plains green with lush life

And time’s sighs with love’s laughs