Missing Ink
Haley Resnick

I didn’t realize how much I loved my pen
Until she asked to borrow you
And never gave you back 

See, I thought we shared the same understanding of the word borrow
She’d use you for a short time frame and then
Return you 

But, I guess she forgot as she put my pen in her bag
And walked away from the scene
I wish I had stopped her but I too, forgot. 

But now dear pen, I miss you
Your muted but passioned blue ink
The alluring pop as I would remove the pen cap to begin my notes 

Yes, I can buy another one
But me and you both know it wouldn’t be the same
The one I want lies with a woman who I’ll never even know 

I’d like to imagine where that pen has ended up
Still at the bottom of her solid brown purse
Or in the hands of yet another woman who asked for a pen