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Letter from the Editor
Zane Chowdhry

prose & poetry

A bus and a bent business card
Kayla Nikc

A God Threw Me Away
Sasha Jovanovski

A Merchant
Edgar Ulloa Lujan

A Wayward Bumblebee
Zachary Levin

Actaeon and Apollo
Nell DiPasquantonio

Akanksha Sinha

Charlotte Chou

Annie’s Blues
Stephanie Humphries

Saswat Pati

At the Fane
Sasha Jovanovski

cabeza y corazón

Jordan Brown

Count One’s Blessings
Edgar Ulloa Lujan

Dawn’s Sepulchre
Nell DiPasquantonio

Despite it All
Trevor O’Connor

Zachary Levin

femme piquée par un serpent, alternately, Orsay.
Karena Landler

frankly this world is not beholden to me
Camille Bustos Bismonte

Sabria Kazmi

Zachary Levin

Giving Up
Christopher Stein

How to Bake Bread at Home
Fiona Kennedy

Imagining Sisyphus
Matt Phillips

Inside Cover*

Iris in the House of Sleep
Fiona Kennedy

la pesadilla es oír a una rata en tu oreja
Fernanda Martinez-Varela

Me in Sixteen Parts
Christopher Stein

Missing Ink
Haley Resnick

My Photograph
Joseph Scariano

Next to a field, in February
Kaitlyn Wood

of my dreams
Fiona Kennedy

On Whales and a Hidden Cylindrical Aquarium Tube in an American Park
Nina Armstrong

One with the Rats
Trevor O’Connor

Out of Many/One People
Jordan Brown

Out of the Dark and Into the Dark
Danielle DeVillier

Remind Me
Christopher Stein

Rural Retirement Suburb
Stephanie Humphries

Christopher Stein

Solo Di Que Me Amas
Joseph Scariano

Spring’s Bloom
Joseph Scariano

Strawberry Sands
Edgar Ulloa Lujan

Sunday Poem
Matt Phillips

The B-Side
Daniel Garrastazu

the etymology of my tongue
Jordan Brown

The Plainsman
Henry Gunderson

The Return
Esther Kang

The Noonwraith
Sasha Jovanovski

Sasha Jovanovski

Courtney Lee

Washington, D.C. 10:01pm
Saba Nia

World Traveler
Courtney Lee

yo no he visto el individuo caminando
Fernanda Martinez-Varela

yo te sostengo
Fernanda Martinez-Varela

*contains sensitive/upsetting content

visual art

Maya Archer
Coyote Bitch/Glory Greens/I am a Man (ink on paper)
I am a Man (stamp)/untitled/untitled

Sajjad Alvee
Bengali Boatman/Bird and Ocean/Playfulness
Sunbathing/Sunset at Half Moon Bay

Camille Bustos Bismonte
batik making/fish market/sublime
it’s a long way down/melt/merapi majesty
from the top of king kong hill, east java/the clearing/under the dock

Matthew Chakwin
Arco de Santa Catalina/ciudad de ruinas/el cielo rosa
gray horizon over the dunes/ Haystack Rock/hidden expanse
historical snapshot/mutated glace/the portal
phased departure/phased momentum/phased snapshot
piercing radiation

Deborah Han
Swedish Fish/Squeak
Wistful Gaze

Margaret Hodson
Summoned (co-creators: Abbey Nichols, Suraag Srinivas, Isabelle Smith, Chase Wagers, Jinia Sarkar)/Memory Eternal

Fiona Kennedy
Slice of Life

Gillian Meyers
Fall’s Reminiscence/Arboreal Angst

Lea Marchl
Six Hours in New York

Trevor O’Connor
August Love

Caterina Petracchi
Sakurako Haruki

Cedric Shi
Others/RAVEN/SOUL Field
SOUL Rabbit/SOUL Self/ SOUL Tears
SOUL untitled/Chill/Cranium

Sarema Shorr
observations on long walks and getting lost

Sonia Vohra
Island Views/Waking Up in Vegas

Katie Wang
500 Boylston/A Wheel of Ice and Fire/Lights
Oranges/Peach!/The City of Gold

Kirk Zieser
Flight of Faith/Liftoff/Plummet
Snowcapped Sunlight/The Race is On/Underbelly
Worth Getting Up For/Eyes on the Prize