Serendipitous Symphony
Maya Gabby

Summer rain pounds a cracked window,
nature’s soothing metronome.
We float in a personal ocean
of blankets and nakedness, endless.
Liquid melanin fingertips reach for
the rich sonata of your waist.
Pianissimo hands grace bed peace.
We are so happy
this might be the promised land
or heaven’s most intimate orchestra pit.
Glistening concrete eyes open
faster than polished sea glass, allegro.
Foreheads pressed together, I draft
hymns so loud they leak from my ears,
holiness only you can decipher.
Mid-afternoon grey hues
and waking up adagio, with ease.
Joy vibrates down my spine, resonant,
a grand marimba’s lowest register.
Swirling tongues dance, lover’s cadenza.
Trumpet fingers transcribe celestial movements
as thunder crashes crescendo and
eager lips, unshaken, improvise.
Aching cello of honey gold ribs
bowed tenderly, an intricate harmony.
Melodious brown sugar curves
eliminate blue emotions, no dragged notes.
Flurried staccato breaths.
Low chromatic moans.
Arpeggiated giggles.
Happiness. Beyond legs bouncing
in time to polyrhythmic heartbeats.