Letter from the Editor
Courtney Lee

prose & poetry

Beneath the Skin
Ryan Johnston

Fiona Kennedy

Taylor Kahn-Perry

Poor Decisions
Kayla Nick

Charleston in the Springtime is a Tease
Taylor Kahn-Perry

A Jewish Christmas
Christopher Stein

Danielle Devillier

Yo la sombra y tú la luz
Sasha Jovanovski

A Man’s Fair Form
Henry Silver

I Love Words
Henry Silver

Oracle of the Poppies
Fiona Kennedy

Song of Myself
Henry Silver

My sister, la fantasma
JT Camparo

Danielle Devillier

Haunted Forest
Christopher Stein

Treatment and Control
Roman S. Ponos

Christopher Stein

It is Hard to Say
Christopher Stein

Mutually Assured Destruction
Amanda Namecek

Slip-Up//Alone Again
Maya Gabby

Naked//2:27 AM
Maya Gabby

Serendipitous Symphony
Maya Gabby

visual art

Julia Hycanthe
Anyone Home/Bloom/Crossing Over
Perch/Road Trip/Self Portrait
The way she moves/Warmth

Margaret Hodson
Amman Graffiti/Blurred Breakaway/Ex Nihilo
Solar System Rave/ Stockholm Grunge

Ingyeong Kang

Kirk Zeiser
300 Million Olfactory Receptors at Work/Otherworldly/Prickle
Relentless Exposure/Roll n Rocks/The Calm Before the Tourists
Smile/Missed It by Thaaaat Much

Fiona Kennedy
Kaleidescope/Koi Queen/Medusa

Harsh Sharda
A Valentine, Forgotten

Abby Webster

Amy Meng
Ocean Eyes

Bushra Shaikh
Concrete Rainbow/Georgetown at Dusk

Ridwan Meah
A Soft Sunset: Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA/Hot Air Balloons Launching: Cappadocia, Turkey/Horses Watching Balloons Soar: Cappadocia, Turkey
Dawn Lift Off: Cappadocia, Turkey/Istanbul Skyline by Sunset/Orta Köy Mosque by Dawn: Istanbul, Turkey
Sunset View of the Bosphorus from Suleymaniye Mosque: Istanbul, Turkey/Temple Neuf on the Mösel River: Metz, France /The Eiffel Tower on a Warm July Day: Paris, France
Lots of Lamps: Old Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey